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It will feature the final supermoon of —a full moon in Cancer, the sign of home and family. This can put the spotlight on visiting relatives, or bring cozy domestic moments. Devote the day to nesting and resting if you can.


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Caution: full moons can also bring buried emotions into the open. Supermoons intensify everything. Luckily, this full moon will form a harmonious trine to compassionate Neptune in Pisces. Also on December 25, radical Uranus will end a five-month retrograde cycle in fiery Aries. Happy, healthy New Year? The moon will spend its final hours of in Virgo most places. This moon can bring a much-welcomed simple elegance to your festivities, perhaps even a healthy twist.

Read your full monthly horoscope here. I believe that you should be careful of believe system patterns…. Je voudrais acheter ton livre Garance enfin!!! Bonsoir Sarah! We are trying to resolve this issue—someone else mentioned this problem to me. In the meantime, here is the link to the French edition of the book on Amazon.

December 1 Zodiac is Sagittarius - Full Horoscope Personality

I have discovered them through this blog and they have helped me a lot to grow into myself. I was always a believer in the stars, our place in the world and also I resemble my sign Libra here! But some of the things they wrote on their blog for my specific sign like a date that would be a turning point for my career have been true that it almost scared me. They are very positive and I think that what is the most important thing about what they do.

I find it simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting to follow the creative couple, Spencer Ostrander and Sophie Auster, on Instagram. You can pull a skill set out of your hat and use it in an empowering way.

Cancer, do something good for yourself. Your health and wellness factor are wide open for review. You can use this time to get reorganized or to pull ideas together and come up with a game plan for the week. The Strength card is a card of courage and determination but it comes with a preface, there's potential complications up ahead.

You may flex your muscle to get what you want out of a situation where you feel stretched. However the challenge makes you more intuitive than before, so it's a winning proposition for you. Leo, be happy. There's always time to choose happiness. You can find that you are prepared to try again in the area of love and friendship.

Start with flirting.

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The Devil tarot card allows you to see where you still have work to do related to perfecting your character. This can be a flaw that's a blind spot or one that you see and no one else does. If you decide to indulge yourself a little more in a guilty pleasure chances are you may regret not taking the opportunity to avoid it at this time. Virgo, what do you need to feel like you have more control in your life? You may think you need to have more help from others.

This weekend communicating with others, bouncing around ideas of the future. A vision board this weekend is a great way to prepare for the New Moon in Sagittarius coming up on December 6th. The Sun tarot card is a like a beacon for the day's start. You have lots of options and what matters isn't who you are or what you do, it's all about your smile and inner glow. Libra, write. This weekend is a wonderful time to let your inner writer out to explore new ideas, research or just toy with some poetry.

The Judgement tarot card is a strong indication that today is set to be a powerful day for you. You are going to want to do what you like and not compromise.


You may likely prefer to be on your own doing your thing today. Scorpio, go shopping. Jupiter expands your second house and if you tend not to like shopping, this weekend you may enjoy picking out a perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

December 1 Zodiac

You may already know all the blessings you have but you may not have counted them lately. Start listing them and watch for new ways that the universe opens up more joy and wonder, even if this weekend has you feeling like you're in a funk. Sagittarius, listen to your own advice. The unique way that you see the world is inherent to who you are, so when you can't find someone who thinks like you do, listen to your self.

What would you tell you if you were the friend? If you know someone you'd like to do a job or project with but are waiting for that person to approach you, it may not happen. This is a signal to take note and introduce yourself and share what you want. The brightest star belongs to an asterism called Teapot. In Greece it is called Toxotis and in France goes by the name Sagittaire but the Latin origin of the December 1 zodiac sign, the Archer is in the name Sagittarius.

Opposite sign: Gemini. Partnerships between the Sagittarius and Gemini sun signs are considered auspicious and the opposite sign reflects upon the surrounding eccentricity and joyfulness. Modality: Mobile. The quality reveals the modest nature of those born on December 1 and their strength and warmth regarding most life events. Ruling house: The ninth house. This means that Sagittarius is inclined to travel a lot, take life as a permanent adventure.

This is the house of long distance journeys but also of higher philosophies and education. Ruling body: Jupiter. This planetary ruler suggests wealth and eloquence. Jupiter is one of the seven classical planets that is visible to the naked eye. It is also relevant to mention about the amicability component. Element: Fire. This element is considered to make people born on November 1 enthusiastic and warm but also offers them the confidence to pursue their endeavors. Lucky day: Thursday. Under the governing of Jupiter, this day symbolizes experience and idealism. It is suggestive for the Sagittarius natives who are intellectual.

People born on December 1 can be defined as aspiring, inspired and refined.

Welcome to Sagittarius season!

Just like a true Sagittarius they can be very romantic and charming. Maybe because they have such a great inspiration and can dance around words in the most enticing manner. They enjoy reading about philosophical and psychological ideas and journeying to discover other cultures. They hate routine and ignorance.

The best setting for those born under this sign is somewhere then can fight for something but also motivate others. Positive traits: Sociable but frank, these natives have a great sense of ethic and justice. Sagittarius people are usually affectionate, dependable and generous with the majority of people they know, unless someone disappoints them. That's when they turn the cold shoulder and move on. Those born under this sign are also witty, humorous and lively, they never seem to get any time off and are the spirit of every social gathering. Negative traits: Impractical, often too proud and conceit at times, these natives often act foolish without even realizing it.

They prefer to put themselves on a high pedestal because of their fiery nature and don't accept that others might be right and they might be wrong.

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They act hastily and lose all control when things don't go as they anticipated they would. They are quick to accept any competition and battle but sure don't know the meaning of fair play and can be extremely resentful when at loss.

Lovers born on December 1 are romantic and passionate. As Sagittarius natives they aim high in all matters of life, therefore they are also very pretentious when it comes to love. For this ambitious native, love and commitment is placed somewhere second place and the one standing beside them should be prepared to understand and support them unconditionally. You can conquer the heart of Sagittarius if you check a lot of the items on their list of attributes their significant other should have. They are persons of extremes in love and sometimes this attitude will make them prone to disappointment.

They are likely to fall in love at a young age as they are attractive and positive persons. Regarding their family life they will marry when they are completely ready and they will probably be a cool parent if they choose to have a one big family. They are most compatible with those born on 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st.

December 1 Zodiac people seem to be most attracted to the other fire signs: Aries and Leo as they tend to share the same vision of life.